Thursday, 19 April 2012

Hackney Wick Community Centre Needs YOU!!

This Saturday - 21st April 1012 @11am - is the beginning of the amazing Hackney Wick Community Centre!

But only if YOU become a part of it.......

Hackney Wickers - we all know that we need a local community cafe/garden/meeting place/yoga centre/art centre - that we can all hang out in and meet each other. Well now is the time to get helping make that happen.

At least please come on down this Saturday to see what needs doing.

There will be plenty to do. Painting, decorating, cleaning, gardening, etc.

Please contact Ron on for any more info - but please also just come down to talk to him on Saturday.

The main road from Hackney Wick Overground Station is called Wallis Road - but it changes it's name to Berkshire Road & then Osborne Road - that's where you'll see the magnificent Old Baths building that is the Hackney Wick Community Centre!!

Get E9 5JH into your googlemaps app - and we'll see you there!