Sunday, 17 April 2011

Tulip Tree for Hackney Wick!!

Have you met your newest neighbour yet?

On your way to the station or bus stop tomorrow - please take a diversion to Prince Edward Road - and go hug a tree.

A stunning giant Tulip Tree to be exact! She has been planted right next to the Hackney Pearl - and is absolutely beautiful. She will be giving us all many more years of shelter, shade & fresh air.

She was put there by the muf ( team who are prettying up parts of the Wick with green ideas. We will be posting a few more of their projects in the next few days - but in the mean-time - please go & say hi to your new neighbour.

Ooh & while you're there - why not pop into the Pearl ( for one of their delicious choccie brownies & a cuppa.