Thursday, 24 September 2009

Historical Tour of Hackney Wick

As if the Hackney Wick Festival and the Hackney One Carnival aren't enough to satisfy you this weekend..........

Find out about the history of people and places in Hackney Wick with on a guide tour this Saturday (September 26).

In a joint event between Hackney Archives and the Hackney Society, a tour guide will take residents around places of interest starting at Gainsborough Primary School in Berkshire Road from 2pm.

Some of us went on this tour in the spring and it is absolutely fascinating to see where plastic was invented, see the drawings of the original Hackney Wick Mansion (I know!) - and see just what Atlas Wharf used to look like.

But there are many more very interesting facts to be experienced - so please come along the Gainsborough School at 2pm. Actually - if you get there a bit earlier - you could pick up a hot dog at their barbie - as part of the Hackney Wick Festival!!

Hackney One Carnival 2009

Hackney Wick Festival - Saturday 26th Sept!

Hackney One Carnival - Sunday 27th Sept!!

What an amazing weekend in stall for all of us in just a couple of days time!?

The very next day after our own festival - is the incredible Carnival down the road - starting at the Town Hall in Mare Street - and processing along to Hackney Downs park!! The fun starts at 11.30 am - but pretty much lasts all day long - so please get there.

If its anything like as good as last year - you are going to have the last great blast of Summer this weekend!!
See you at both the fantastic days out!!

Many More Lovely Neighbours coming!!!

We all absolutely love living along the Lea River Navigational Canal - it's what makes The Wick so special.

You simply cannot fail to notice the humongous Olympic Park growing on the other side every day. But what of any new developments our side? The Fish Island end has the fantastic Omega Works complex on the corner of Regents & Lea Canals - leading on to the Artists District down to the Old Peanut Factory.

And the Leabank Square end is soon to have two brand new developments!

About 10 minutes walk along the tow-path - the Paradise Park development will open any day now. This is where the old Victorian dock built at the height of Empire - had a glass works, Indian rubber factory and carbolic acid plant. More recently it housed QTV. It was quite squalid until the new development - but should bring a lot more cyclists & ramblers along the Lea.

And more closely - the Old Matchbox factory - Lesney's to you & me - is soon to be pulled down and replaced with many great artists live/work units managed by London & Quadrant. This is sure to pull in some more amazing talent to the Wick - and should be completed in time for the Olympics as well.

Speaking of which - there is huge pressure being put on to the Olympic Legacy Company to convert the International Press Centre & the International Broadcast Centre into similar artistic artistic units.

The long & short of it all - dear readers - is that Hackney Wick is set fair to be the most incredibly vibrant artistic community in the entire UK!

There is not going to be any more hooked-up, networked and artist friendly place on the planet! So if we think we have it lucky to live here now - just wait a few short years - and we'll be living amongst even more great neighbours!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Hackney Wick Guerilla Gardeners Strike Again!!

With only a few short weeks to go to the Hackney Wick Festival 2009 - our VERY friendly Guerrilla Gardeners have delivered a stunning raised bed for us!

Thank you to everyone involved!!! You have really made this little corner of the Wick beautiful!!

Please - Hackney Wick - go for a lovely stroll over the weekend - and spend a few minutes on the new wide corner of Berkshire Road & Wallis Road. There's a fragrant bay tree surrounded by loads of busy lizzies & pansies!

Hackney Wick Guerrilla Gardeners - we all love you!!!
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