Thursday, 24 September 2009

Historical Tour of Hackney Wick

As if the Hackney Wick Festival and the Hackney One Carnival aren't enough to satisfy you this weekend..........

Find out about the history of people and places in Hackney Wick with on a guide tour this Saturday (September 26).

In a joint event between Hackney Archives and the Hackney Society, a tour guide will take residents around places of interest starting at Gainsborough Primary School in Berkshire Road from 2pm.

Some of us went on this tour in the spring and it is absolutely fascinating to see where plastic was invented, see the drawings of the original Hackney Wick Mansion (I know!) - and see just what Atlas Wharf used to look like.

But there are many more very interesting facts to be experienced - so please come along the Gainsborough School at 2pm. Actually - if you get there a bit earlier - you could pick up a hot dog at their barbie - as part of the Hackney Wick Festival!!

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