Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Greenway Volunteering Day - Friday 29 October

The Hackney Wick end of the Greenway has been completely changed in the last few years. Gone is the muddy, burned-out motor-bike, overgrown, lawless, ASBO populated path of old. Some may say that they loved it that way - but families, cyclists & some of Hackney Wicks longer term residents are happier as it is slowly becoming.

The whole area has been severely hard landscaped - and although a few landmarks like the Second European War Pillbox ( and some of the apple trees we planted years ago - are still there - but it's time to start replanting.

We tried some guerrilla planting a few weeks ago - but the whole area is infested with Olympic guards now - every time we pulled out a shovel - a pair of jackboots was soon on the scene.

Of course we will always continue to plant local & indigenous plants all over the Wick including the Greenway - but here's an opportunity to do some spying:

The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) are doing a voluntary planting day this Friday 29th along the Greenway. This is an ideal way to see what is being planted by them - so that we don't duplicate some of our efforts. Plus - you get a free lunch in the bargain from our good friends at the View Tube Cafe ( into the bargain.

It's open for all - though the very short notice is somewhat suspicious - so please come along.

Meeting up at the View Tube Cafe at 10am for a quick chat & introduction. Planting then takes place between 10.30am & 1.00pm - with everything supplied by the ODA. Then your free lunch at 1.00pm - with the day closing at 2.00pm.

So please come on down and enjoy a bit of time with fellow Wickers - and you'll get to be part of the future landscape of Hackney Wick!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Artisan Designers Market in the Brittania

I'm sure many of us will remember Erin & Mat from the Hackney Wick Festival. They had that amazing handmade fabric jewellery stall that we were all drooling over!!

Well - now's your chance to check them out again - or you can even hire a stall alongside them as well! Stalls cost a mere £10 - and because there will be many other amazing stall holders there - the punters will come flooding in - getting their Xmas shopping in nice & early.
This incredible market will be on every last Saturday of each month - starting October 30th - from 11am to 5pm.

So come on Hackney Wick - whether you want to set up stall - or simply browse yourself sill in a great pub - hop on the number 388 & get yourself down there!!

Friday, 1 October 2010

Hackney Pearl wins Time Out Award!!!!

A very belated congratulations to James from the Hackney Pearl ( on winning the Best New Cafe award in Time Out a couple of weeks ago!!!

(Check out -

We all know just what a great guy James is - but what many of us don't know - is just how committed he is to Hackney Wick!

Very quietly - behind the scenes - he is a very community spirited member of Hackney Wick. He's offered community gardeners free cuppas to warm up after freezing days planting up the Wick. He's involved in redesigning the street scene around the Pearl to make it much more attractive for the rest of us. He is a member of the Hackney Wick Partnership - which looks at how best to masterplan Hackney Wick for generations to come - I could go on & on - but..........

........the best thing about him is his cafe!

Please pop down to the Hackney Pearl and sample his amazing food - you'll be so very happy you did!!