Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Greenway Volunteering Day - Friday 29 October

The Hackney Wick end of the Greenway has been completely changed in the last few years. Gone is the muddy, burned-out motor-bike, overgrown, lawless, ASBO populated path of old. Some may say that they loved it that way - but families, cyclists & some of Hackney Wicks longer term residents are happier as it is slowly becoming.

The whole area has been severely hard landscaped - and although a few landmarks like the Second European War Pillbox ( and some of the apple trees we planted years ago - are still there - but it's time to start replanting.

We tried some guerrilla planting a few weeks ago - but the whole area is infested with Olympic guards now - every time we pulled out a shovel - a pair of jackboots was soon on the scene.

Of course we will always continue to plant local & indigenous plants all over the Wick including the Greenway - but here's an opportunity to do some spying:

The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) are doing a voluntary planting day this Friday 29th along the Greenway. This is an ideal way to see what is being planted by them - so that we don't duplicate some of our efforts. Plus - you get a free lunch in the bargain from our good friends at the View Tube Cafe ( into the bargain.

It's open for all - though the very short notice is somewhat suspicious - so please come along.

Meeting up at the View Tube Cafe at 10am for a quick chat & introduction. Planting then takes place between 10.30am & 1.00pm - with everything supplied by the ODA. Then your free lunch at 1.00pm - with the day closing at 2.00pm.

So please come on down and enjoy a bit of time with fellow Wickers - and you'll get to be part of the future landscape of Hackney Wick!

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