Tuesday, 9 November 2010

What Pub Is This?

You know how we always go on about all the terrible inventions that have come out of Hackney Wick......

Almost all of the most environmentally destructive products were invented right here in the Wick: Petrol, Dyes, Paint, Plastic, Laundromats - It wouldn't surprise me if a few insecticides weren't adapted from the list above as well.

Aaaaaanyway! Here's one we can be - if not proud about - the at least not feel too guilty about. The ever-investigative dorlec01 (
http://www.youtube.com/user/dorlec01) has just posted a new found clip from Tomorrows World from 1965 - about an unknown pub right here in Hackney Wick.

It features a newly invented 'computer' that you dial your order to. And I mean dial - in the old fashioned - tick your finger in the correct number hole and turn the dial all the way around to the stopper.

If anyone remembers the actual pubs name - please send in a comment - and maybe we'll find some of the pubbers in the clip.


David Altheer said...

Can't help with the ancient history; just wanted to say that I like the concept of the blog.

Leabank Square said...

Thanks David, I've spoken to some of the old timers over in the Trowbridge Community Centre - and only one of them thinks he remembers the barmaid, but isn't too sure.
Most of them were here when the tower blocks were built in & around the Eastway, and have seen them pulled down because they were deemed to be bad for communities, and bungalows built to replace them, and are now seeing high rise blocks going up again.
These things seem to be cyclical huh?
Thanks for the positive thoughts on the blog. Please think of starting up one yourself. It would be amazing to have the Wick all linked up with a few of us taking one or other factor per blog; art, music, memories, faces, photos, then & nows, pets, gardens, man-hole covers, tree maps, etc.
Hackney Wick is in such a state of change just now - and there are major changes coming with the council masterplan & the Olympic juggernaut - that it would be a shame to lose incredible stories without recording them for posterity.
Nuff rambling, but have a ponder anyhow.

Rick said...

Hey Sóna, have you asked the geezer with the horse & cart yet? He seems to know everyone & everything that has EVER gone on around the Wick. Just a thought.