Tuesday, 30 November 2010

BBC Culture Show Looking for Anish Kapoor Wickers

Prue from the Beeb is looking for residents living around the Wick who will be seeing the massive ArcelorMittal Orbit (that's the olympic Helter Skelter to you & me) from their windows.

It's probably one of those regular visit - How's it going this time - kind of programs. But with the most creative types living right here in Hackney Wick - surely we could come up with some incredible spokespeople for the Wick?!

Please all you creative types - get in touch with Prue - and give the culture show something special from Hackney Wick!!

Here's her email:

Dear Nadira and Sóna,

I'm writing to you from The Culture Show, the flagship magazine arts programme on BBC2. I'm currently working on a programme about the ArcelorMittal Orbit which is due to air in late 2011. The ArcelorMittal Orbit is a public sculpture by the artist Anish Kapoor and structural designer Cecil Balmond. It is currently being built in the Olympic Park, near to the Olympic Stadium and Aquatics Centre.

Once finished, the sculpture will be 115m tall. For our programme, we are really keen to meet people who will be able to see the sculpture from their homes. It would be wonderful to check in with them as the view from their window changes over the coming months. Do you know of anyone in the Hackney Wick area who is in this situation and might be interested in talking to us?

I will be on a recce in Stratford for the rest of the day, but do feel free to call me on the mobile number below if you have a thought of who we could speak to before tomorrow. If not any email with any help at all would be great.

Many thanks and best wishes,


Prue Richardson The Culture Show

BBC Vision Productions Room MC5 A3 The Media Centre 201 Wood Lane London W12 7TQ

T: +44 (0)20 8008 3861 M: +44 (0)7814 756344 E:

Oh yes - did anyone else read the brilliant interview with Anish Kapoor over the weekend? His first free show in India is coming up - and........ http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/2010/nov/27/anish-kapoor-india-exhibition

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Abdul said...

Cheers mate! I'd be up for this. I guess you Leabank guys won't see it until it sort of rises up above the handball arena huh?
Thanks for the heads up.