Thursday, 1 October 2009

Save the Hackney Empire

Okay - so I know it's not exactly Hackney Wick - but so many of us Wickers go to the Hackney Empire - that it feels a part of the Wick somehow.

Right - so the news is that it will shut for 9 months after the year-end panto season. This will save them some money - and they should be able to open again - this time next year in a better financial position.

Then work you way up to the Prime Minister if you have to - but please get them to do or say anything to make sure that the Hackney Empire gets to re-open. Sometimes these temporary closures have a way of becoming permanent - and the more of us that keep the pressure on the decision makers - the better chance there is of making people stick to their word.

Any ideas for what we might want from a future Hackney Empire posted up here as comments - will be passed on to the board at the Hackney Empire.


Kate said...

Changing the name would be a decent start. Come on - this is Hackney - do we really have to be reminded of England glory 'Empire' days?

Mohammed Islam said...

I think we should have more local Battle of the Bands/XFactor type-things. Local media - newspapers, radio TV could sponsor them.

This would not only keep the punters coming, and being exposed to adverts for forthcoming mainstream events - but also develope many more talented young (and not-so-young) Hackneyites to Go For It!!

Mohammed Islam