Friday, 16 October 2009

Hackney Wick Station Closes for 4 Months!!!

While doing the spring bulb planting earlier this week - the main topic of conversation was the closure of Hackney Wick Station -and several other along the line!

I did a lot more homework - and although the exact date is still being kept a secret - it will be happening just after the turn of the year.

So - Leabank Square - lets do a short review.......

Public Transport more or less shapes this part of Hackney Wick. Besides us being the 'This Bus Terminates Here' end of numerous bus routes - we are also one stop (Stratford) from the end of the North London Line. We are too far away from the new East London Line (nearest station will be Dalston) for it to be too viable to start travels. And then there are the ever changing bus stops that keep being dug up for very long periods of time.

Most Hackney Wick residents do not have a car - and are completely at the mercy of public transport - and some of us have been very active in keeping the tenuous links still passing by Hackney Wick. Now it seems that the most reliable travel link will be taken out for at least 4 months!!

Of course it is necessary to lengthen the platforms in preparation for all the Olympic traffic - but what we were all discussing was - if it was absolutely necessary to completely close the station?

Can't they somehow keep the station open at peak-times - and work during the middle part of the day? Couldn't they keep one side's platform open while they work on the opposite one? Could they not erect temporary platforms & steps further along the tracks? Oh we had many wacky ideas - best of all was Tony offering his paid services to piggy-back passengers down the embankment!

I'm sure they are going to lay on replacement buses - but we already have them on Sundays - and all know what an absolute joke they are!

So - the only suggestions we can all offer are:

  • Join us cycling residents for regular shopping trips

  • Start planning alternative arrangements now

  • Get Tescos to deliver your groceries - and charge the £5 delivery cost to TFL

  • Notify all your friends and families - so that they can use alternative travel arrangements

  • Get to know a local taxi firm a bit better

  • Gather a few more take out leaflets for days you just can't make it to the supermarkets

.......... there! Just a few we managed to come up with in between planting next springs daffodils. Please send any more suggestions to us all if you come up with brighter ideas!


Debbie H said...

I'm new so just getting round to leaving a comment, but it's great to hear about what's happening in the area. Thrilled that a new cafe has opened under Oslo House: think they are up and running properly this year? Regarding the transport: I walk through Victoria Park to Bethnal Green tube every day. It takes me about half an hour but at least it's virtually traffic free. Then I usually get the 388 bus back in the evening.

Leabank Square said...

Thanks Debbie H, we'd completely forgot about how close Bethnal Green actually IS to us. What a great start to the day - going for a stroll through Viccie Park, and if you time it right, you could stop off for a cuppa (they do a cheaper 'builders' tea) at the Pavillion caff in the north park.

We spoke to Isabelle yesterday, and she said that she dosed herself full of garlic over the end-of-year break, and thinks she's shaken the cold that laid her low for a while. So the MartbelleK should be back in the swing of things. Great news!!

Thanks for the great tip Debbie H, you'll probably see an increase in friendly fellow Wickers joining you through Viccie Park when the North London line closes next month for 4 months.

Debbie H said...

Thanks, I'll look out for you all. It was like Narnia this morning in the park with the snowy Victorian lamp posts!