Sunday, 15 March 2009

Restuarant Review: The Wick Cafe

The Wick Cafe
28 Felstead Street
Hackney Wick
E9 5LG

020 8533 7575

Mon - Fri 5am to 5pm
Sat - 6am to 5pm
Sun - 7am to 5pm

Although we have either eaten in - or took away - from The Wick Cafe quite a few times before - we've never written about them up on this blog before.

For that - we must apologise!

The Wick Cafe was the pioneering cafe this close to the old Trowbridge, Leabank Square & Wick Village residents - and as such needs to be given all the support they can get.

Not that they need it that much - as they are almost always very busy!!

The Wick Cafe is such a cheap, delicious, fantastic, friendly, green, peaceful & delightfully communal place to eat! The staff are always very helpful and easy going. The service is fast and efficient. The bills always surprisingly low.

And they have the most spectacular green creeper growing the whole length of the cafe. It truly is an amazing plant - which always brings a smile to your face - as you stuff it full of utterly scrumptious food!

During the week - it is normally crammed with local workers. Whether it's Olympic constructioners, McGrath skippers, Hackney dust carters, Gainsborough teachers - lunch time is a great time to people watch. You get to see a fantastic picture made up of all the people who make Hackney Wick tick.

In the afternoons & evenings - it's mostly locals having a late lunch or early evening meal. Artists, musicians, parents, toddlers, media-types - all having a great meal in quieter hours.

At the weekends - it's mainly us lazy locals again - having a late breakfast after a lie-in. The pic above is us as a family having a Sunday brunch before a long cycle work-off!

Needless to say - the food was scrummy, portions very generous & bill highly affordable.

The Wick Cafe opened up here in Hackney Wick when no-one else was investing in us. This - plus the amazing plant growing across the ceiling - and reasons enough for us all to support this amazing place!!


Abdi said...



I have been waiting for you to get around to reviewing the Wick Cafe ever since you started this brilliant thread!

I agree with you that it is one of the best caffs in Hackney Wick.

Superfast service, delicious food, always cheap & that amazing green creeper!!

Plus - they (& the newsagent next door) started up when no-one else wanted to come to the Wick & invest. For that - they need us to all eat there at least once a month!!


Alan said...

I definetly agree with you lot - except for one thing. The serving staff could be a little more friendly!
I know they probably get a bit of stick from some of the less well manerred customers - but do they have to take it out on us?
But other than that - this is a brilliant caff - and the portions are cheap & heaped!