Sunday, 26 April 2009

Reece's 83 000 match canoe!!!

Just about everyone who knows Reece will know that he recently had a bit of time on his hands. Did he just sit & watch day-time telly?!


He only went & built a canoe out of 83 000 matches!!

And it is completely watertight! This afternoon he paddled all the way from Omega Works - to Walthamstow Marshes & back!!! He didn't have to get out once!

Reece - absolutely good on you mate! Not only did you use your time very productively - but you made an absolute beaut of a boat!

Please look out for Reece on the Lea & Regents Canals this summer - and when you see him - please give him all the compliments he deserves! He does so much for our community - and now he's not wasted a second of his time by creating an practical work of art!


Geoff said...

Hey Reece
It's me Geoff! I see that Her Majesty let you use her workshop while she pleasured you!
Your boat is amazing mate! Don't go bothering any more airport perimeter fences in order to get a longer shot in the workshop again now OK?
You can use our lock-ups if you want to build a bigger boat next time!
Happy sailing

Karina said...

That's a beautiful boat. Have you heard about 'The Canoe Boys'?

Something about your boat design reminds me of theirs. (Not that they build them though).

I'll look out for you on the water.