Thursday, 22 April 2010

Go On a Date & Make the BNP Lose!!

Please join, enjoy and promote this facebook page: http://www.facebook .com/# !/pages/Celebrate- Cross-Cultural- Dating-Day/ 110621505643696

Celebrate St. George's day (Fri 23 April) by continuing a great English tradition ofdating across borders. It doesn't matter if they're from a different 'race', culture, religion, suburb, or football club. Don't be shy... make that call!

Invite the lucky guy / girl down your local Indian / Chinese / Eritrean / El Salvadorian Restaurant / Fast Food Outlet. Have a great night, introduce them to your national drink and find out something new about someone attractive from somewhere exotic.

Cross-Cultural Dating Day coincides with the launch of the manifesto of the British National Party. The BNP, a small but courageous self-help group have come together to make a public admission that they have an irrational fear of people with a different skin-colour to theirs. Help them overcome their phobia by enjoying a pleasantevening out with someone from a different culture. Send them the message that love could come from where they least expect it.

Remember, great things can come from dating across borders... just look at Barack Obama.

If you're already in a relationship why not have a cross-cultural double date? (but keep it clean... no car-key lucky -dip!)

THIS PAGE: was set up by a small group of optimistic young people. Our aim is to elicit a wry smile and spread a bit of joy on this special Friday. PLEASE PROMOTE: on your blog, Twitter feed and Facebook profile.

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Russell Blakemore said...

I came across this post while doing some research for a book I'm writing about the BNP in London. Very well put, and the fact that the BNP lost all their council seats is due in no small part to community blogs like this.

But what's struck me as part of my research is that none of us can be complacent. Racism is everywhere. It can infect everyone, not just extreme right-wingers. In fact, it can even create the oxymoron that is the racist anti-racist - the kind of person who bizarrely fails to realise that they're sometimes racist or tolerant of racism, while remaining very alert to pointing it out in others.

So, to clear up any apparent confusion, I'd like to make the following points:

To badmouth ALL people from the Caribbean (as if they ALL have the same attitude and outlook) IS racism.

To badmouth ALL Eastern Europeans (as if they ALL have the same attitude and outlook) IS racism.

To badmouth gypsies / travellers (and never balance it with anything positive), especially when they're living nearby, IS racism.

And to say of individuals who weren't born in this country, but live here, that "they should be more western 'cause they're living in England now" IS racism (or certainly at least subscribing to the Daily Express or Mail view of the world).

I know YOU guys know better, but that still doesn't mean there isn't any need for this point to be aired on this blog.

Remember, anti-racism starts in private, not just in public where there's an audience. And most importantly starts with yourselves and not just with others.