Thursday, 25 March 2010

Meg Hillier in Hackney Wick!!

Our elusive MP will be in our neck of the woods this Saturday 27th March! For too long now - many of us thought she was just a photo on an ID card - but no - she is real - and will be at the Hackney Wick Community Centre - in the flesh!!

Could the small fact that there is an election looming have anything to do with this?!

As many of you know - the fact that Ms Hillier is a junior minister (for ID Cards) means that she cannot personally raise our concerns in the House Of Parliament. According to the excellent interview with our fave blogger - Blood & Property - she does represent us - sort of behind the scenes though.

There's a relief - and there were we thinking she was only concerned about moving up a few political ladders - with us - her constituents - scrambling around the feet of the ladders.

Anyhow - the day is predominantly about the Hackney Wick Time Bank - but as it's a few weeks to go before the election - I'm sure she wouldn't mind answering a few questions from her constituents huh?!

Please check out Blood & Property's amazing interview here:


Blood and Property said...

Thanks for the plug. Unfortunately there aren't that many people reading the interview - I might have to repackage it! I'd love to know if she says anything interesting when she drops into Hackney Wick.

Susan said...

Sóna where was she?! Did she even turn up? I went back a couple of more times, but no-one could tell me when she was going to be there.
I just read the brill interview with Blood & Property, which was very informative, thanks for the tip.