Sunday, 25 January 2009

Chapman Brothers in Hackney Wick

Pic: Sam Christmas

There is no surer sign of an areas up&comingness than artists moving in to the larger premises. But when a large (in the famous sense) artist moves into an area - this is fantastic for the neighbourhood!!
According to the Evening Standard ('s+progress/ - this is exactly what Jake Chapman has done.
I am sure that the whole of Hackney Wick will welcome the arrival of Jake into our streets, cafes, lives & community events!
Please Jake - if you have any influence over your friends & contemporaries - please suggest to them that they also make the short hop from Shoreditch to the Wick - we need as many movers & shakers as possible to start putting Hackney Wick on the map for the RIGHT reasons!!


Avril said...

Hi Sóna

I love it that these famous people are starting to populate the Wick!! Doesn't that Banksy guy also have a studio somewhere about these parts?

Is there any way you could invite David Beckham down to Hackney Wick - not that I fancy him (much) or anything mind - it's just that he used to play up on the marshes when he was younger - and he might be willing to give our kids a few quick lessons dontcha think?


Paul said...


I don't know to much about art - but the stuff behind him looks nice.

But I LOVE the fact that famous people are checking the Wick out. Especially the art world.

I really hope that - as part of the Olympic Legacy - many more creative businesses and studios establish themselves in Hackney Wick. If the IPC/Media Centre leave a creative industry behind, all this upheaval will have been worth it!

Of course, if someone wants to leave a huge land for allottments behind - I'd be a lot happier!!