Sunday, 18 January 2009

What was this building?

This building is at the bottom end of White Post Lane. It's a two storey (Victorian) brick building with a black & white mosaic sign at the top.

The last 4 letters of the sign are ------LLES.

Anyone got any idea?

PS: Anonymous (below) added the following amazing links for us to read more about this intriguing building:


Anonymous said...

This was the first Dry Cleaners in the UK. Archille Serre.

see this


I have just got a photo from Hackney Archives of this building in its hey day.

Leabank Square said...


Thank you anonymous!! Excellent detective work going on here!

Thanks for telling us all about this building, it's been bugging us for years!

If you have time - please have a look through some of the other entries - you may be able to help us out on some other questions.

But thanks for this gem & the links!


Anonymous said...


its me Toby 150 just did not have time to sign up.

Please send me a mail to for more info

Anonymous said...

also see this for another great HW photo