Monday, 26 January 2009

Hackney Wick Controlled Parking Zone?

The pedestrian gates for the construction workers on the Olympic Site will open in White Post Lane in a few weeks.

This means that thousands of Olympic staff will be arriving at Hackney Wick Station daily (yes Sundays as well) and make their way to the entrance.

But it will also mean that some will come by car. Like it or not some people are petrolheads, and do not like travelling by public transport.

Hackney Council & Tower Hamlets Council are considering imposing a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) across the whole area - in order to dissuade people from bringing their cars into the Wick. Nothing is confirmed yet, and it may not even happen, but in the meantime, just to be prepared - what do you all think?

  • Do we need a CPZ?
  • Will there really be an increase of vehicles?
  • What will this mean for private estates & businesses who have parking spaces not controlled by a CPZ?
  • Will there be an increase in burger vans?
  • Where will all our visitors park?
  • What about the school run parents in Berkshire Road?
  • Will it cost us anything to get the permits?
  • What about all the church vehicles that park everywhere on Sundays?
  • Will the car junk yards be exempt for their cars waiting to be serviced?
  • Will clearer streets increase the speed of the Council Refuse trucks going to Chapman Road?
  • Will clearer streets increase the speed of the skip lorries from McGraths?
  • What do we do about children crossing the streets if more cars are 'permitted' to park along the streets?

Any more questions?


Gilly Jackson said...


I wish there was a new set of speed bumps along Felstead, Berkshire & Osborne Roads. Those skip trucks and refuse trucks wheels are perfectly alligned to go over the tiny speed bumps without any effect.

This gives them the perfect excuse to go as fast as they want! It's only a matter of time & something terrible is going to happen.

Come on Hackney - these are quiet residential & school roads! The fact that there are industrial roads that these trucks are aiming for - should alert you to the fact that you need to slow these trucks down!!

Gilly Jackson

Derrick Bantam said...

Of course we gonna need a CPZ! These builders are gonna flood The Wick in even more numbers than the Felstead builders did!

This will then lead to more car break-ins, more broken glass on the streets, more anti-social behaviour - more doom & GLOOM for The Wick!

The quicker we get a CPZ - the better for all of us!

Peter Knowles said...

This CPZ might throw up a whole lot of confusion about where cars will be able to park or not?

Especially entrances to some already existing car parks. Does it mean that although some of the entrances are technically private property, they can still be patrolled by parking enforcement officers?

I forsee a great deal of confusion about the whole private/council property differences. What's to stop a construction worker from parking in one of these 'grey areas' like the entrance to my business.

Technically it's private property - so the enforcement officers won't be able to touch their cars. Do I have to fork out for a gate? Do I have to hire a clamping agency? Do I have to pay for bollards?

All these things need to be explained when the time for consultation comes around.

Peter Knowles

Benjamin Faulkes said...

Please tell me that the ODA is going to help out with the expense of any gates, barriers, booms, fences, etc.

The whole reason we are all going to need to stop anyone parking on our own private property, is because they are causing thousands of construction site workers to flood our streets.

It's simply not fair that we Wickers have to stump up for extra features we NEED because of their workers.


Stanley Bishop said...

Yeah - I got one!

Will we (Hackney Wick Residents) have to pay for any permits? How does a CPZ work?

If it is being imposed because of the threat of many construction site workers from the Olympics, surely they should be covering the cost of all the singnage, admin, printing, monitoring and consulting.

Stan Bishop

Mumtaz said...

Hi Sóna

We just need to make sure that there REALLY is a need for a CPZ.

We need to be convinced that there REALLY are going to be thousands of extra vehicles riding around The Wick looking for somewhere to park & walk to the Olympic site.

If this is just an excuse for the council to extort more money from us motorists, then forget about it!


Simon said...

Sóna - yes - we will almost definetely need a CPZ slapped on the Wick - but it needs to be fair on the local residents & businesses!

There is also a hope that it will regulate those mechanics on the corner of Wallis & Berkshire Roads! They always park on the down slopes from the sidewalk - causing pedestrians to cross the road very dangerously!!

I can't wait!!!