Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Restaurant Review: Yue Yang House

Yue Yang House
241 Wick Road, Homerton, London, E9 5AF
+44 (0) 20 8986 5811
Not exactly a restaurant per sé - it only does take outs - but it does have a bench for you to sit & wait for your order. The food is absolutely excellent though - and this reviewer cannot recommend it highly enough!
On the evening we had our meal - we were greeted with very friendly smiles and enquiries as to how we were - as if we were very regular patrons. There are menus on the counter for you to peruse - but we had already had a look at the framed menu in the window - so were pretty confident about what we wanted.
However - there were a couple of items we were unsure of what they were - and the staff were very helpful in explaining the ingredients, how they were cooked, and more or less what they tasted like.
Once we'd placed the order & paid (very reasonable) - we took a seat on the bench and had a choice of entertainment. There was a lovely aquarium with about 8 medium sized fish of different varieties right next to the bench. We could have also had a read of the complimentary day-or-two old newspapers - mainly tabloids - which - as tempting as they were - seemed a bit too old news for us.
Instead - we opted for the 3 choice of entertainment - the free screening of Eastenders. At the sound of the signature tune - a couple of the owners kids joined us on the couch to catch up with the current toings & froings from Albert Square.
All too soon our food order was ready - neatly packaged in separate foil boxes - with a complimentary bag of prawn crackers. The helpful staff then finally confirmed the contents of our carrier bag - and with another smile & and a cheery salutation - bid us good night - and asked us to come back again soon.
Back at home - the whole family loved all the food - with the Hong Kong Style Fried Chicken being the unanimous favourite! The Special Fried Rice was an excellent companion to the pineapple flavour.
The sauce of the Fried Beef with Mushrooms was divine and of just the right consistency. The Assorted Seafood in Black Bean Sauce was too die for!! They don't scrimp on the fish - or the black beans!
Our meal was accompanied by a family sized bottle of Pepsi-Cola - which - lets face it - is the perfect pallet cleanser for between bites.
Throughout the meal we crunched through the complimentary Prawn Crackers which were completely oil-free & actually tasted of prawns.
Our whole family agreed on a 4-star rating. The only reason we couldn't go for the extra star was because the newspapers were just too old. But it was awfully close!!
Yue Yang House also does home deliveries - so please call them up if you know what you want.


Big Mac said...


Thanks for the review - we've also just had food from here & it was excellent!!

I will give it a 5 star rating!!

I look forward to your next review of local Hackney Wick eateries!

Big Mac

Omega Works Munchers said...

Hi hackneywick.blogspot.com

Thanks for the recommendation!

We had a fantatsic meal from Yue Yang House last night! There were 11 of us, and we ordered enough food for 8, but we still had loads left over.

The portions are very generous, the taste - utterly delicious, the delivery - very speedy, and the service - professional over the phone and friendly upon delivery.

Next time we'll tip the driver a lot more!

Sue, Dave, Dillip, Jane, Terri, Elvis, Jose, Van, Greg, Matthew & Maureen

kay said...

that was quite possibly the worsat chinese i've ever had after spending ten minutes ordering 3 dishes from the hideously non responsive telephone operator i then had to wait a further hour for my egg fried rice chicken satay and spring roll however when it arrived i was met with what i can only describe as a grey block of something vaguely resembling a rice a completely un-identifiable not to mention un-cooked chicken dish that was most certainly not satay and a spring roll with more grease in it than john travolta if it were possible to give minus stars for a restaurant this place would be michelin starred.