Friday, 23 January 2009

Hackney Council & ODA community meeting for Hackney Wick

I am sure that everyone who attended last nights meeting at the Hackney Wick Community Centre would agree that it was excellent!

There were many stalls to visit of which the Wick Curiosity Shop ( was way & ahead the best one there!!! Please go & give them a visit - there are stunning photos, stories about the Wick, fantastic history about right here in our surrounding streets, and brilliant anecdotes galore!!

We also saw the new plans for the St Marys church redevelopment. To be honest - when I first heard about the 2 towers that were going to be built on each side of the church - I couldn't imagine it fitting in. But seeing the plans, artists impression & model puts my mind well at ease!! The new towers will be very sympathetic to the main tower & still not be imposing over the green.

As for the ODA - well - it was a vast improvement on all the previous meetings!! There was more discussion around the tables, and they promised to answer the resulting questions - either by email to me - or by printing them in the next edition of 'ENGAGE'.

The most troubling concerns were still around jobs, trees, noise & dust data - and the CPZ (see: As soon as I have more detailed answers on each subject - I will post a separate entry for each one.

But - this was definitely the best presentation we have had from them to-date. The star of the whole show was Alan Pigott (St Mary's Reverend) - who chaired the Q&A with amazing skill, fairness & humanity! Thank you Alan!!


Viccy said...


Sorry we had to leave before the end, but thanks for tagging our question onto the Leabank Square's list.

I suspect we are ALL concerned about the lack of greenery along the tow-path. I know we have lovely trees just along our wharf, but we miss the trees opposite the Village enormously!

Anyway, we'll see how they respond to the concerns shall we?


Simon said...

Hi Sóna

The trees are still vexxing us all over here at the moment as well! Please don't let up!

Keep on keeping on dude!


Dale said...

Thanks for the email Sóna - I only got it when I returned. I am the only person in Hackney with a tan!

I know the soil washer has gone - but they're making a right racket blasting the concrete that it stood on!

But - it's all still about the trees mate! We can't stand looking at those adverts any more!!