Friday, 9 January 2009

Olympic Weekend Work on Arena Fields

We all know that we are very excited about the Olympics coming to Hackney Wick!! We are the closest residential neighbours to the Olympic site - and it is going to be fantastic to be able to simply walk across the new footbridge - straight onto the Olympic Park!!


...... there are a few more years to go yet! And they are going to be a little difficult for some of the residents!!

On the whole - Hackney Wick residents are balancing up the noise, dust, traffic & disruption - with all the amazing benefits to come with the legacy!

We feel that the new Hackney Council permission for the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) to do Saturday & Sunday earth & soil movement on Arena Fields - directly opposite thousands of its residential neighbours - is a step too far!!

There is quite substantial noise & dust during the weekdays already - and for Hackney Council to now permit the ODA to work on the weekends - is to completely ignore the wishes of it's very own tax-payers!

Please Hackney Council - take some responsibility for your residents - and represent them fairly & justly!! Is it too much to ask for a couple of days a week rest from the relentless noise & dust?


Helen Smith said...

We're just over the borough boudary from the rest of Hackney Wick - but luckily in Tower Hamlets.

I must admit that if they treated us the same as you guys over in Hackney Council, we would be extremely miffed!

Is there not someone you could appeal to? Surely Hackney Council should have consulted you before allowing this to go ahead?

You have our sympathy!

Helen Smith

Simon Armatage said...



We've had these monkeys working all hours opposite us for months now, and my management company doesn't want to formally complain to Tower Hamlets, because they are scared they will have to lower the service charge if many more residents move out!

I have complained many times to their so-called hot-line - but to no avail! I am moving out as soon as my lease is up.

Good luck to you people in Hackney!!

Simon Armatage

Bill on Wick Village said...

ello Sóna

As you know we have the same hassle next door in Wick Village as you lot. But I am so against this weekend work mate.

Who can we chat to about challenging this? Shouldn't they have consulted us first? You konw them thingies they normally stick up on lamp posts or summat?

Give us a bell man, we need to sort this out soonest!

Matt said...

Hi Sóna

I know that Hackney Council gave the ODA this permission - but last Sunday they all started up at 8.30am instead of 9am.

I know a half an hour doesn't sound so big - but it's that mission-creep thing isn't it?

It's a half an hour now - an hour next week - and before you know it - it's noise & dust around the clock!!

Please can you check if the council are aware of the times that they start up engines!