Friday, 9 January 2009

Saint John of Hackney Wick

If you have ever had the incredible experience of actually buying a ticket from the ticket office at Hackney Wick Station - the you'll have met one of the nicest people on the planet!!

I can only be talking about St John of Hackney Wick!!

There is nothing too difficult for him to do for you, there is no amount of hard work he won't do on your behalf, there is no easier alternative journey he won't plan for you - and all this with such a friendly, professional & charming way about him!!

John - if you ever happen to come across this site - please know that all of Hackney Wick absolutely love you to pieces!! You make the whole experience of leaving or arriving in Hackney Wick so beautiful for thousands of people daily!!

Thank you!

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Tessa Smith said...



This guy deserves some recognition for all the happy work he puts into making our journeys much more pleasant!

I have lived in London all my 32 year life - and have never met anyone on the transport system so friendly, proffesional & happy to help!!

There must be a way for you to nominate him for some award or something?

Tessa Smith

Another John said...


Wow!! What a coincidence! I had a meeting in Hackney Wick this morning, and afterwards bought my ticket from this guy!

I was so impressed that I idly googled the station and came up with this blog!

How do you spell serendipty? I think it's the right word for all this.

So - John - thanks for getting me the cheapest ticket back to Wembley - and if my meeting went well - I should be seeing a lot more of you.

Another John

Matt said...

Hi Sóna

I know your whole family cycles everywhere - so I'm so glad that you stuck this up here.

I see John every morning, and he's always got a happy word to share with all the commuters.

I wonder though - what's going to happen next month - when all the construction site workers for the Olympics are going to pile off the trains here to get to the new White Post Lane entrance to the site.

The trains are PACKED as it is in the morning - with thousands of extra commuters - there's going to be some very full platforms at some times of the day!!

If anyone can handle it - John can. But I just hope that the Overground are going to run extra trains so that the rest of us can also get to work at the same time as the Olympic workers!


Claire Lewis said...

He IS the best isn't he?!

Even if the station is such a grotty station, it's really lovely to be served so professionally by someone so well trained!!

Most weekdays I prefer to get my ticket form him at the window, instead of getting my ticket from the machine!

Thank you for putting this up here on the blog!

Claire Lewis

Richard Dee said...


Another fan here!! He is so very proffesional - but always helpful!

I really think that we should nominate John for Employee of the Century award!!

Richard Dee