Friday, 19 December 2008

2012 Aquatics Centre

Pics: London 2012

Can you believe what an amazing local swimming pool we are going to have in a few short years?!

Yes - Hackney Wick - about 5 minutes walk from the train station - and you can be cooling down in the middle of summer under Zaha Hadid's stingray roof!!

Okay - so in these crunch credit days - we've lucked out on the kids leisure pool alongside it - but still this is going to be an incredible local facility for all of us to enjoy.

Please check out for the Olympic spin on it - but all we need to know is that we are going to be the envy of the rest of London!!


Mary said...


I live on the Trowbridge Estate, and I personally can't wait to take a leisurely walk across the (hopefully new) foot bridge, through the Olympic Park, and into the swimming pool, for a refreshing swim!

The only thing I'm really sad about is hearing that the splashpool for babies & toddlers has been dropped from the legacy!

I think that this is a huge mistake! The best way to get kids interrested in swimming, is to get them to enjoy messing around in shallow water from a few weeks old.

This bolsters their confidence no end, and as they start toddling around, they'll see the athletes in the pro-pools next door, and hopefully aspire to copy them when they get older!!

I know the credit crunch is biting at the Olympic heals, but this splashpool is worth finding the extra funding for, believe me!

It would make a huge impact on the really high obesity levels of the East End kids.


David Lansbury said...


This pool is going to be one of the best things that ever happened to The Wick!!

Please tell me that it's going to still look like this, and not just a hole in the ground once this Credit Crunch takes hold of it?

Get this pool right, and the whole of the area will come swimming. I don't much care for the actual athletics stadium, but I would love to walk to my new local pool from Wallis Road.

David Lansbury

Jeff Rowson said...

I agree!! Forget the main stadium - that'll probably turn into a footie stadium - the real gem is gonna be this pool!!

All year round - we wll be able to walk or cycle over to this pool & have a wonderful time in the water! This looks like it's probably going to be the only part of the legacy worth all the disruption for the next ten years!!

Jeff Rowson