Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Cycling Club Hackney

The Cycling Club Hackney is a new club dedicated to promoting cycling & cycle sport at all levels, especially to youth.

Although based in the Hackney area it is open to all cyclists whatever their level. Club runs meet at the Lea Valley Ice Centre at 10am on Sunday mornings. During the summer key club members may be absent due to racing/coaching commitments..."riders may have to improvise a route for themselves"

One of the main aims of CCH is that it should be geared to assist Hackney's young people to access the sport of cycling. CCH intends to provide a youth-friendly atmosphere; free and subsidised equipment and coaching; and encouragement to take advantage of the nearby countryside in Essex and Hertfordshire for enjoyment and exercise.

Please check their blog out at:

You may not have had the pleasure of knowing Kier personally - but you have probably seen him in & around Hackney Wick.

Whether it's in his youth leader guise with the amazing Purple Hype bus ( - or as he & this incredible Cycling Club go whizzing by!

Kier is one of Hackney Wick's unsung heroes, and as such needs as much support as he can get. Please feel free to approach him at either the cycling or Hype Bus events, and offer to volunteer, join, support, write letters, etc for him. He helps keep the kids of Hackney busy - with the kinds of things they actually want to be busy with!!

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Felix said...

Hi Sóna

Is that Kier I see in the yellow jersey up on the Rock!?

Someone should nominate the guy for next years honours list!! Come on - get your finger out!!

I'm not being lazy - I just know that it's something YOU would know how to do dude!!