Thursday, 25 December 2008

Wick Ward Councillors

I am sure most of you need no reminding just how lucky we in Wick Ward are by having 3 of the most outstanding councillors representing us.

Even if you did not personally vote for them - you have got to admit that they look after the Wick fantastically!! Please take advantage of their surgeries and email addresses for any queries you may have about living in Hackney Wick. If they can't help you themselves - they will definitely be able to point you in the best direction.


Anonymous said...


I can echo all you've said. Christine has been a great help to us here on Trowbridge. She always has a calm and thoughtful approach to any problems we might present to her.

Make use of her while you can everyone, she's probably destined for bigger & better things!


Anonymous said...

Chris Kennedy's MY man!

He has always been ready, willing & able to do anything for us over in Wick Village!

I'm sure all 3 are great people, but if you can grab him to sort parking controls out - you're on to a winner!


Anonymous said...

Besides being a keen cyclist (which always gets my voting juices flowing!) - Jess has done great things for Gainsborough School!

She proposed the new road lay-out for Berkshire Road - which should make it a lot safer for our children to enter & leave school.

She gets my vote!!

Concerned Mum