Friday, 19 December 2008

Plastic invented in Hackney Wick

Right - this is a plaque on the side of a building on the corner of Wallis Road & White Post Lane - here in Hackney Wick.

I'll try & get a better picture of it - but in the meantime - please start sending me as much information as you can about it. The best kind of info would be if anyone remembers any factory standing here - or any relatives having worked in this Parkesine factory - or if anyone has any old photos of anything related to it?

Alexander Parkes 1813 - 1890

© Science Museum/Science and Society Picture Library

Come on Wickers - let's get hunting for some of our heritage!!!!


Paul Davis said...


I live up in Yorkshire, but I am very interested in the history of plastic.

Do you know if plastic was invented at the actual site of the plaque, or, as sometimes happens, the plaque was put up somewhere close to the actual site?

Also, can you possibly put up a few more pics of the plaque in context. So, where exactly is it? is there a street sign close by, any other signs, factories, shops, etc, that are close enough to be included in the pics?

Is it possible to put up a google map pointer as well?

I know I sound greedy, but I am sure there are many more readers who would also find this useful.

Paul Davis

Steve Young said...

Hey Dude!

I know the actual plaque is in Berkshire Road, on the wall of the garage, but I heard that the factory was where the skip & HGV parking garage is now (Wallis Road).

Do we know where the actual factory was standing? I have tried to do a web search to find this out, but Google hasn't found it yet.

I won't give up though.

Steve Young

SapperK9 said...

My granddad, George James Moore, blacksmith used to live in Wallis Road. Bombed out in both world wars first one from a Zepplin!

Anonymous said...

I believe I may be related to Alexander Parkes, as most of my family lived in the Hackney area and I myself was born in Glyn Road, not all that far from the old Hackney Hospital. My elderly aunt still lives in the area, as does my niece. I'm interested to know whether there are any other Parkes's still in the area.
Alan Parkes