Monday, 22 December 2008

Eastway late 19th Century Terraced Houses

Is this the oldest terrace of houses in Hackney Wick?

According to 'Hackney: Homerton and Hackney Wick', A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 10: Hackney (1995), pp. 51-59 - "The only long terrace from late 19th-century Hackney Wick survived, partly neglected, north-east of the former baths as nos. 61-79 (consecutive) Eastway."
So - now - we all need to do some investigative research now: Does anyone know anyone who lives there? Are there any residents that have lived there for many years? Does anyone have any old photos of this terrace? Did any famous people live there? Anyone have any anecdotes about the houses? Does anyone have anything to write about anthing to do with these houses?

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Kate Lawler said...

Hi Sóna

I think that these houses should be made a feature of Hackney Wick.

They have the potential to look so lovely if they were looked after a bit more.

Some of them are little more than pigeon hotels at the moment. The one opposite me leaves me in dispair sometimes!

Can the council not put pressure on the actual landlord to look after their property?

Imagine if we got one of those TV Street Makeover programs to take this row on as a project.

It would also have a calming effect on all the rat-run drivers coming off the A12. They would think that they are entering a neighbourhood that actually cares about it's streets, and they would drive through a bit slower, rather than want to get past as quickly as possible!


Shirley said...

Hi Sóna

What about painting all these houses different shades of pastel colours?

Imagine what a beautiful sight the whole terrace would look if they brought some colour to the Wick? There is simply too much brick in the Wick!!

I'm sure I saw something like that done in one of those TV street makeover programmes. I'll try and see if I can find a pic of it somewhere, so we can use it as an example!!

Cheers Shirley