Sunday, 28 December 2008

Hidden Oasis's of Hackney Wick

Do you know any smallish, hiddenish - but most importantly - neglected bits of land in Hackney Wick?

If so - then please click on the 'comments' tab below & let us all know.


Well then we could ALL start working on getting them spruced up. A few shrubs here, some daffodil bulbs there, a sunflower forest in that corner, a willow tree draping over that path, a virginia creeper climbing up that neglected wall!

Come on Hackney Wick - this is OUR home! Let's turn OUR home into a fantastic oasis that will make us all feel great walking, riding, cycling, jogging through!


Shirley said...

Hi Sóna

What about that cheese wedge of land directly opposite the Gainsborough School gates?

I think it's part of the Trowbridge, but it is just used as a dog toilet all the time.

Surely a great big willow tree would be a wonderful way to bring some green to it. That - plus actually locking the gate so that no-one can let their dog use it.


Luke said...

Hi Sóna

Oh - where to start?!

Just about all the planters on the Trowbridge - that the council was supposed to do up with REAP money?!

Along Chapman Road - below the footbridge over the A12.

Along the Eastway - opposite the beautiful row of terraced (Georgian?) houses.

All along the Lea River towpath - where our old trees & orchards used to be - before the Olympic bull-dozers moved in!

How about all along Berkshire Road? Get some of those purple recycled paint buckets you guys have on your Riverbank in Leabank Square - and spread some colour all along from the Wick Community Centre - to the Footbridge!!

And all that is just for starters!!!