Monday, 29 December 2008

Vantage Square in Hackney Wick

Hey Hackney Wick!! We have new neighbours!!!

I know that we are world famous for our welcomes, so please make our new friends very welcome to the Wick won't you?

But did you know that just below the flats in Vantage Square, there is a huge amount of retail space!? This is actually quite a serious subject for us here in Hackney Wick.

Just what kind of shops & services occupy these outlets is so very important to us all in hackney wick.

If it simply gets filled with bookies, fried chicken shacks & more off-licenses - then it will attract some serious anti-social behaviour at all times of the day & night.

But put in a lovely supermarket, a deli, a greengrocer, fish monger, bakery, butcher, cycle shop, bookshop, etc - then it will start feeling like the village that the Wick is!

I have spent a few hours outside in the freezing cold all along the sidewalk, and this is the wish-list of what some of you want so far......

Art gallery/art store, bookshop, world deli, cycle shop, pharmacy, bakery, library, comfy coffee bar, computer games shop, green grocer/plant nursery, general store, creche, lidl, hair dressers, local crafts shop.

The rest is up to all of us. There are some seriously talented people here in The Wick. Please suggest some more ideas for what shops you would like to browse around in.

But then....... please start talking to all your friends & family - and convince some of them to actually propose approaching the developers Family Mosaic on 020 7089 1315

Please check out:


Phillip said...

Excellent blog this!!

Wouldn't it be great if the whole of London - hey - even the world! was covered with local blogs?!

Anyway - back to the Wick. I personally would love a good old fashioned hardware store.

The kind where you could pop in for any size nail, a tin of paint, and a phillips screwdriver!

Please someone - open one of these up - I promise to buy something every week!!


Sally said...

Hi Sóna

I am definetly in favour of a cafe!

There is nowhere in the Wick to just go & relax with an espresso & croissant & newspaper.

Please someone - open up a brill cafe somewhere underneath this block of flats?!

We will all love you to pieces, and come & drink every day.


Keesha said...

What about one of those indoor playgrounds? There are literally thousands of toddlers around here - and - let's face it - this is Great Britain.......

....... not somewhere tropical!

We need some open play areas that are protected against the rain, wind & cold - that are safe for kids to play around in - with maybe a cafe for us parents to keep an eye on them from.



Raj said...

Hello Sóna

Please will someone start up a bakery? Imagine fresh breads, rolls, dough-nuts, cholla, birthday cakes, even sandwiches!!

If they aimed the outlet pipe from the extractor fan at the sidewalk - that would be enough to tempt me in every sniff of baking!!


Phillip Obiote said...


I don't care what we have down below us - but please DO NOT open another betting shop!!

It will seriously send out the message that this area is not worth moving into! We need all the best neighbours moving into The Wick we can get!!

Coffee Bean said...

Please could SOMEONE open up an organic cafe?!?

A place where we can chill all day & night with huge mugs of coffee and criossants the size of bread loaves.

Loads of couches and comfy chairs, where we can plan how to make Hackney Wick a far better place!

Dillip said...

We want a gastro-pub!!

Failing that......

Any old pub will do - but Please someone - open up a pub here! I promise to leave it late at night as quietly as possible for the rsidents above to carry on sleeping soundly!


Matt said...

Hey Dude

Can I add an appeal for a cycle/skateboard/kite/climbing/sport/camping kinda shop?

You know - the kinda stuuf we like? Somewhere between a cross of snow & rock, B&Q, Evans, Slam City - oh and a couple of couches with a coffee bar!

That would be perfect! Sóna - if there is no-one else willing to open this kinds joint - then I may have to do it myself! Anyone willing to join?


Anonymous said...

Hello, I am moving into these flats and I am very very interested to know what will be opening down stairs.

Does anyone know of any confirmed openings?

Dame Edna said...

I've noticed a while ago that the "retail space to let" signs have been replaced by signs with the name of a construction company.

what's the gossip? is something finally moving in?

Leabank Square said...

Hi Dame Edna
I spoke to the guys decorating the main space at the furthest end last week - and they say that it's going to be a huge medical centre.
I then asked the receptionist in the Trowbridge Surgey ( they knew anything about it - and she looked very alarmed!
Back to the Vantage Point guys,and they said that it's a new development for the Primary Care Trust 's'all we know mate'.
So if you find out anything else, please illuminate the rest of us.

Dolores VanCartier said...

thanks for the goss, Sona.

hmmpfff. i was secretly hoping for a supermarket or some kind of retail, but i guess a 'medical centre' is still better than a fast food shop or betting shop...

Leabank Square said...

Hey Dolores
Just in case anyone else knows anything we don't - I've put it up on the @hackneywick twitter site as well.
Keep checking back here to see if anything comes up.