Monday, 29 December 2008

Vote for Victoria Park - Mayor's Park Grant

We all love Victoria Park with all it's ponds, trees, sports facilities, cafes, playgrounds - but most of all - it's green!!

But it could do with a bit more work - and we can all make it happen!!

Boris Johnson has decided to give a few parks some extra money, but we need to do a bit of work for it.

Please visit and click on 'Vote For Victoria Park'. Then we could get some improvement of the gateways at the southern end, improved footpaths, new signage installed, natural play areas created & plenty more benches for people to relax and enjoy the view.

Please Hackney Wick - even if you don't spend too much time in Viccie Park - please vote as many times as you can - and then you will want to spend a lot more time admiring your handiwork this summer!!

Voting ends on 5pm, 30 January 2009


Sally said...

Hi Sóna

That's that!! All 12 members of our family have now voted, including my nan who loves walking in the rose garden when she visits from deepest Devon!

Thanks for telling me about this! Here's hoping our Viccie Park makes the vote!!


Felix said...

Hey Dude!
Only 30 days to go!!

Let's say you & me each get another 100 people to sign up huh?!

The competition starts here dude!!


P&Q said...

Hi Sóna

Thanks for the email! And all the best for 2009 to you guys as well!!

We've just sent off our votes as well. Let's hope that our local gets the dosh huh?!


Gilly said...

That's 4 more votes for us in the bag!

I've also sent off remiders to all our friends & family who visit us & love the walks in Viccie Park as well!!


Raj said...

Hello Sóna

Thanks for the kick up the bum!!

We have voted for every member of the family including Farah (2) & Mishra (4).

That should boost our chances. As requested - I've emailed all our friends who love the park when they visit as well.

One or two have a conflicting park nearby them that's also on the list - but I haven't alerted them to this alternative - so maybe they'll vote before finding out.

Thanks again!

Keesha said...


We just shot off a whole lot more votes for Viccie Park - after we saw the Hackney Today completely ignore Viccie Park!

I know it's not technically inside the boundarrs of Hackney Council - but it's where thousands of us HACKNEY residents go to chill out daily!! It would have been nice of the borough propoganda newspaper to simply acknwoledge the very important part Viccie Park plays in chilling us all out!

Anyway - that's 7 more votes in the kitty!


Dave Gillespie said...

Hey Sóna

So? Go on!!

How did we do? Did Viccie park manage to get the extra funding?

Have they totted up all the votes yet?

Let us know will you?

Dave Gillespie