Friday, 12 December 2008

Safer Neighbourhood Team

The Community Advisory Panel for Wick Ward met last night at the Hackney Wick Community Centre - and the fantastic news is that we have the most incredible bunch of police & police support officers dealing with the Wick Ward!!

I have been very fortunate to have met loads of police all around the world - and can honestly say that Sergeant Port & his crew are the best of the best!

Please remember to contact any of the Wick Safer Neighbourhoods Team if you want any advice - or if you have any concerns.

They are: PS 14D Port

PC 502 GD Challis

PC 602 GD Bolter

PCSO 7128 GD Cole

PCSO 7141 GD McIlvaney

PCSO 7144 GD Sweeney

Contacts: 0208 721 2938 Wick Ward mobile with Answer Phone

0207 161 9214 Well Street Safer Neighbourhood Team office with Answer Phone

PS: Some of this Safer Neighbourhood Team will also be at the Hackney Wick Community Meeting on the 22 Jan @ the Old Baths - do yourself a HUGE favour & come along to meet them!

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betsy said...


I agree! They are the nicest group of policepeople around. Always polite and helpful.

And its good to see them moving around the wick all the time. I've even seen them in the Wick cafe for their lunches sometimes.