Friday, 19 December 2008

Central Books in Hackney Wick

This is the huge Central Books warehouse in Wallis Road - Hackney Wick. It's a wonderful brick building with loads of charm and character!

It is still in operation - so if you know anyone who works there - please ask if they have any old pics, anecdotes, history, etc for our local blogsite.
According to - this warehouse has been here since 1939.


Gilly said...

Hi Sóna

I really like this blogsite 'cos it's not just about Leabank Square, but our surrounding streets as well?

Thanks for always trying to get the whole community talking to each other! I think this blogsite will come into it's own closer to the Hackney Wick Festival next year.

In the meantime, thanks for linking this entry to Central Books website. I was checking out the magazine section, and there are fantastic mags for the artistic community around here!!

Is there any way that you could ask them to open up a small shop in their reception for selling these mags? Similar to the small Bagel Factory shop at their factory....

If they can't physically do that in their space, maybe they can have the occasional stall some where in the Wick?

Cheers Gilly

Rosemary Willis said...


The magazine catalogue looks amazing!!

I personally wouldn't mind having somewhere to flick through a couple of the titles as well. That would be the best way for Central to shift a few copies right here at their base.

If they couldn't sell from their reception, then a regular monthly stall outside on the sidewalk would suit us artists just as well.

To think, I've lived here for just over ten years, and not known that these amazing titles were stored right here under my nose!?!

Thanks for alerting me to this fact!!

Rosemary Willis

Shirley said...

Hi Sóna

You know what makes this old building look as great as it does?

The boring brick has been broken up by the green paiting of the pipes, guttering and window sills.

I absolutely love this great building, it's just a pity that it's neighboured by some of those breakers yards and garages.


Felix said...

Hey Dude

I agree that it's a great old building. Do you know if it's one of the ones earmarked for CPO's in the new Hackney Wick Hub?

Let's hope not Sóna, we need to preserve some of the Wicks old industrial heritage.

But the selfish part of me would LOVE to have a high cielinged, spacious, humungous windowed, original oak floor boarded 2 bedroom converted flat facing the old Arena Fields!!

Sort it out for me dude!


peanut said...

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